Wedding Invitation Sms Wording

Wedding is more important thing of life start of a new journey so invite all by using follow mentions and enjoy the great day.

Wedding Invitation Sms Wording

Wedding Invitation Sms Wording

  • I am going to start a new phase
    A practical phase of life
    So please join us
    And share your experiences
  • Wedding can change the life
    It can change the priorities
    So in my big day I need you
    Please come and join
  • Me and my wife going to give a party
    In happiness of our union and love
    So please join us in this dinner
    And gave us prayers to live together
  • I am going to change my sure name
    Because I like his name
    So on this coordination come and
    Pray for our love which stay forever
  • Wedding is an interesting thing
    Who do he always said useless
    Who did not do feel greedy about
    So I decide to do it
    Please come with you warm prayer of happiness for us
  • I asked her to be marry me
    And she said yes
    I was surprised
    So I am going to invite all
    So please be here on time
  • I am going to share my journey
    And want to walk together
    So pleas come to wish us luck
  • How can I skipped you from the list
    You are my best friend
    And I had share all feelings with you
    Now its an important one
    So please come here
  • We need many prayers on this event
    Just because we are going to take a new start
    Please come here and guide us with experiences
  • I am coordinately inviting you
    On my wedding which will come once
    You tease me a lot but I am escaped
    So come and join for teasing
  • I am feeling ecstatic
    Because going to get marry
    With him to whom I want
    So please come to see me
    And wish me luck in life
  • New stage of my life is going to start
    I want you to pay your wishes
    and give me support for this new life
    Your support will be a great courage for me
  • Going to take the biggest step of my life
    I want everyone on that event of my life
    And you know you are really important for me
    So, your support will be a great help for me.


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