Wedding Welcome Message Examples

Wedding is most important part of life, so when you invite them and they came to function and you welcome them so need some wishes you can welcome easily through wishes. So following are some welcome wishes.

Wedding Welcome Message Examples

Marriage / Wedding Welcome Message Examples

  • I invite you on my wedding
    You are here today
    I am thankful and
    I welcomed you a lot
  • I am here to welcome you
    On my wedding ceremony
    Thanks for being here
  • welcome you here for being
    And thank you so much
    For make my day special
  • Literally any thing with friends
    Is good so I welcome you here
  • I welcome you here on my wedding
    To make this day special and lovely
    Thank you so much
  • happy days are going to start
    Welcome you here as well
    In initiative of welcome  happy days
  • I welcome you with love
    To make my day special
    And unforgettable for always
  • I wish you be here for me
    And you are here my dear
    I welcome you with my heart
  • my happiness find by you
    After coming here
    Thank you so much and welcome
  • you come here and make me happy
    Welcome on my marriage
    Thanks for being here

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