Wedding Means a New Relationship

The word Wedding can not be expressed in single word. Wedding means a new relationship, a new family,a new life partner it mean that completely changes in life. Here we have big collection about Wedding Wishes.

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Wedding Wishes Greetings and Quotes

  • Tomorrow is your wedding. Tomorrow
    will the start of your life.Tomorrow
    is the beginning of a new event of your
    life.I wish you luck for your upcoming
    life. My sweet wishes are always with you.
  • Wedding mean a new family,
    Wedding mean a new partner,
    Wedding mean a new relation,
    So I wish you for your new life.
  • Wedding is not only the relation of two
    persons it is the relation of two families.
    It is the relation of two souls. It is the
    relation of two bodies. I wish you a very
    happy wedding and a good luck
    for your upcoming life.
  • Now your wish will be completed,
    You will get in a new relation,
    Very happy wishes for your new life.
  • Wedding is the starting of a new Journey of Life.
    On this journey many couples loss their hopes.
    But some of them become a remarkable
    couple like Romeo Juliet. I wish you
    a very happy weeding.
  • You are only one who has great importance
    In my life. Now you are in new relation, I wish
    You for your new life. Happy Wedding Wish day.
  • Wedding is not only the starting of a new life,
    It also brings new responsibilities too.
    These responsibilities demand great courage.
    Wish you luck and a very Happy Wedding.
  • Wedding is a greatest blessing of Allah,
    Lucky person got in this relationship,
    I wish you very happy wedding day.
  • Wedding demands sacrifices from
    both sides.If one side is week other
    should give that side strength.
    Both sides should work parallel
    to make the life a heaven. Wish you
    a very happy wedding, and good luck.
  • Marriage mean bundle of love,
    Marriage mean bundle of care,
    Marriage mean bundle of happiness,
    I wish you very Happy Day.
  • The biggest change in your life is coming
    and you are going to change your life completely
    and wish you best of luck for that
    Happy wedding dear
  • Wedding is really a special say
    I Wish this day becomes
    the most memorable day for you
    Happy Wedding day dear
  • I am happy that you married
    with the person that you wanted
    Happy Marriage dear…