Welcome December Quotes Messages

December is last month of year, which have many memories in it and a big past going to be hide infront a beautiful future, December is always painful by its peace and silence so take it as it, and enjoy the rain, snow, winds and all flavors of winter.

Welcome December Quotes Messages

Welcome December Quotes Messages

  • When cool winds came
    All around December of memories came
    Happy December
  • This night, cool wind and separation
    I get an idea, this year December will kill us
    Happy December
  • That who did not like rain
    Don’t know why
    Till late
    Getting wet in rain of
    Happy December
  • December is going on
    and giving new messages
    of breaking many promises
    and make all separate
    Happy December
  • Come in my arms in December
    This weather did not make you sick
    Happy December
  • December why you come
    Without beloved
    Without rains
    Happy December
  • You said in December you will be here
    December is here, you where?
    Happy December
  • Rainy December
    Rainy loneliness
    I did not make my heart happy in books
    I got memory of beloved
    Happy December
  • Don’t know in this winter
    Why making this feelings
    December of mine
    Did not passed as it is
    Happy December
  • I did not have any affect after December
    Sadness is now my nature
    Happy December
  • Last Month of the year
    with its beautiful winter
    and its charming beauty
    with a loyal style
    Happy December
  • Here is the month
    that er have been waiting for
    the month of forgiveness
    for the entire year
    Happy December


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