Welcome Quotes For Joiners, Employee

Juniors are always important anywhere they came you need to say them welcome and welcome of juniors is very necessary so say welcome by good wishes. Ere are some wishes to welcome juniors.

Welcome Quotes For Joiners, Employee

Welcome Quotes Messages For New Joiners, Employee

  • Last time I was junior
    But now junior then me are here
    So welcome my junior
  • I welcome you my juniors
    Now m doing to become senior
    Enjoy my post now you
    I will be someone else
  • I am here to up you
    Don’t try to go down
    Welcome whole heartily
  • This post of junior
    is very really enjoyable
    So enjoy it I gave to you and
    I am going to promoted
    Welcome juniors
  • I will remember you in future
    When I will left this job
    I will miss my juniors
    Make good relations with us
  • After four years of hard working
    I get this post and vacant my seat
    That provided to you, so I welcome you
  • Don’t need to be perfect
    But hard worker
    Best of luck dear
  • One new phase of your life is here
    Your practical life is going to start
    As my junior so I am here
    I welcomed you
  • Its tough to get job in today’s world
    But you got it so I am here your senior
    Welcome to you my junior
  • There are many types of employees
    Most seniors and so on
    You are new here
    Junior most
    So I welcomed you here
  • Hope so you will be prove
    As a best co-worker
    I welcomed you as new employee

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