Wise Quotes Sms

The words of wisdom are always a great source of Inspiration and relief in all tough time a man faces. They can really make n mar someone’s life.

Wise Quotes Sms
A few of the thought provoking words are mentioned below:

Wise Quotes Sms

  • Never lose the hope, this is the only key that keeps you connected with the Allah.
  • If you love something, go with all your heart
    If it’s meant to be yours, it will be your’s
    But if it’s not, it will always find another way than you.
  • Whenever people hurt you, just don’t blame them for being so bad,
    Blame yourself for expecting too much from them
  • Your faith lies in the hopes you have
    Just never let it go
  • Being wise means understanding each and every little thing of your life.
  • If you get a good friend in life,
    Always value him more than he deserves
    Because fortune doesn’t knock at your door every time.
  • Try hard to achieve all good in your life
    Because you are never served with all good in a plate
    You got to get it.
  • When I grew bigger I understood with time
    That wisdom lies in silence.
  • I judge one’s love potential
    Always judge him with his love for her mother.
  • The greatest gift a man got from God is his mind
    Always use it well.
  • Always stay with the people who worth you in life
    Because needs are not permanent in life.
  • Smile often and smile with all your heart
    It makes you relieved and loved.
  • The greatest exchange between human’s is
    the exchange of love and goodness.
  • Be the one who is loved by everyone
    Because everyone at least loves something.
  • You are only that stronger you are trying. So always try hard.

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