Women’s Day SMS

Women’s day is celebrated internationally to divert the man centered society’s attention to this beautiful creature of God.

Women’s Day SMS
Below are mentioned a few of the inspirational Women’s day SMS:

Women’s Day SMS

  • The most precious gift of God to this
    planet is a woman. She is the pivot source of love in every way.
  • Wish you a very happy women’s day.
    May you get respect, value and love by
    all people surrounding you.
  • Let me tell you what a woman is:
    The one who draws you out into light from darkness
    The one who is always your side in every situation
    The one who cares about you more than anyone can do
    The one who loves you with all she has in her heart.
  • You are the one who loved me, cared about me,
    strengthen me, beside me in every tough time.
    Thank you Lord for blessing me with
    the wonderful lady in my life.
  • Your love is my strength
    Your site is my light
    Your teaching is my act
    Your tears are my grief
    I love you more than anything else I love.
  • God made the heavens on this planet
    by blessing us with delicate beauty.
    Happy Women’s Day
  • You nurture us in every phase of life either
    as a mother, as a sister and as beloved.
    Happy Women’s Day.
  • As a daughter you are the ultimate sign of respect
    As a sister you are the utmost support
    As a beloved you are extremely caring
    As a mother you are a central love resource.
  • May Allah bless every girl on this planet with a
    wonderful companion of life. Happy woman’s day to all.
  • A girl is always a princess
    If not for the husband then always for the Daddy
    Happy Women’s day.
  • Heaven’s lies under the feet of a mother.
  • God created man first and woman last.
    The first attempt is always a rough draft
    it ends with excellence.
  • To the most delicate, caring, strengthening
    and loving creature of God, I wish you all
    be happy always and spread the chain
    of love everywhere.
    Happy Women’s Day to all.
  • I pray all the girls et respect, freedom,
    love and everything extreme good throughout
    heir lives. In whatever phase of life you are,
    you are respecting the Woman.
  • If a woman wants
    Can conquer this whole manly world
    Happy Woman’s Day.

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