Wording For Wedding Anniversary Wishes

Wedding is new turn of life and wedding wishes are very helpful in making those turns happy.
If you are out of ideas and want our help than we are here. In SmsZoo we have a great Collection of Wishes.

Wedding Wishes Sms With Picture

Wedding Wishes Sms

  • The wedding can only be named as successful when
    both sides work parallel to give it arise. Wish both
    of you luck for your happy married life.
  • Wedding demand devotion and love to
    be called as a successful one. I wish both of
    you a happy married life and both
    wish for your happy behavior.
  • Love and sacrifices together can make a
    weeding a bed of roses otherwise it can
    turn your life in the valley of thrones.
    So wish you happy wedding and May s
    Allah bless you with happiness and
  • Wedding can become very successive and
    can give a life full of happiness and joy.
    I wish your married life become as like that
    happy wedding.
  • Wish you a very happy wedding may,
    your wedding become the starting of
    the happiness for you and your family.
    Wish both of you Good luck.
  • The wedding is a gift of Allah.
    You are lucky member who,
    Got this gift from Allah. I wish,
    you very Happy Wedding.
  • Wedding is not mean relationship,
    Between two person its mean,
    A relationship between two families.
    Wish you very Happy Wedding.
  • East or West you’re the best,
    You are so lucky got a such a
    nice gift from Allah. I wish your,
    Future Life full of happiness,
    And joy. Happy Wedding.
  • I am very shocked to know,
    about your wedding arrangement,
    I think it the best time for your wish,
    very Happy Wedding My dear.
  • In One Word
    Describe How You Feel Right Now,
    NO Explanations, Just One word.
    Wish You Very Happy Wedding.
  • Another phase of successful life is compleated
    I am very happy to see you guys together
    Wish you best of luck for feature
    Good luck
    and happy marriage anniversary.
  • I am happy to see you guys
    I wish you guys always stay together
    Happy wedding anniversary
  • May your marriage blessed with love
    and you always stay happy and together
    May you guys live long
    wish best of luck for you.
  • May God show his blessings on both of you
    and you always stay happy and blessed
    may your life full of love and care
    Happy marriage anniversary
  • I can’t imagine what true love is
    after seeing both of you I have trust in love
    Wish you guys best of luck for feature
    and happy Marriage Anniversary.
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