25th Silver Wedding Anniversary Wishes

Wishing some one Weeding Anniversary Specially the 25th one is Meaning full for that person. If you are stuck on some thing and cannot think of any thing attractive for wish then here we have a great collection for that.

25th Anniversary Wishes Silver Wedding Anniversary Wishes with photo

25th Wedding Anniversary Wishes

  • Now both of you are in 25th years,
    Of marriage. I want to say only one,
    Thing that is Happy 25th Anniversary Wishes dear.
  • Special wishes for some special persons in my life.
    Mom and dad even though you fight or love,
    But you are the ideal couple I have ever seen in my life,
    May your couple become the happiest one in the world.
    Very Happy 25th
  • You know that there is a special person in my life,
    Which inspired me a lot, Which explained me,
    The true meaning of relationship,
    No doubt it is you, you Proved to be elder.
    A very Happy 25th anniversary Dear.
  • On the 25th Anniversary I want to say!
    Nothing special to give you,
    Nothing special to gift you Just,
    My loving little heart saying that
    May your relationship become as strong as
    The body has with the soul,
    A very happy anniversary.
  • Happy 25th Anniversary of your
    happy marriage life. May you
    live long and your couple remains
    like this happily ever after.
  • Life is like a bed of roses with a
    partner I found out this by seeing you.
    May Allah bless you on your 25th anniversary
    of your married life. Happy anniversary.
  • What is the true meaning of marriage and
    love is I come to know because of you. You
    both have spent you 25 years of your life
    with great awesomeness. Wish to see you
    like this happy anniversary.
  • Walla you have now passed you married
    life with grace and you have entered in the
    silver jubilee of you marriage. Happy Anniversary.
  • Have a happy sliver wedding
    A day That’s filled
    with joy, remembering the day,
    25 year ago, when two become
    one! happy 25th sliver wedding
  • Wishing you a very happy
    anniversary and many more
    years of happiness together.
    Happy 25th anniversary.