Love Whatsapp Status – Cool Status Collection

Best Love Whatsapp Status is given on this page and we made the huge and best collection of messages for you and for someone special for you. WhatsApp is mostly used social media app and this app is under the CEO of Facebook and he added a lot of new options like status and voice call and video call and because of these features, lots of people are preferring this app. New WhatsApp is most used app for personal messaging. Here is the best Love Whatsapp Status collection.

Best Love Whatsapp Status for Someone Special

  • Love, make this world beautiful
    and Love makes this world wonderful
    Love makes this world Amazing
    Love makes this world tremendous
    and Love is the thing who makes this world livable
  • Dear Heart!
    Don’t be ridiculous
    Don’t fell in love with everyone
    Let me feel something good about anyone
  • It’s a new day with a new start
    And I want this start a really special
    So A very good and loved morning to everyone.
  • The shine in my eyes
    is like your love
    In my heart
    have a new and happy and loved day
  • My love is a journey
    a journey without any destination
    and I don’t know when and where it ends
    But I know it will end with me
  • No matters how busy am I
    I always miss you
    In any company and when I am alone
    And this heart belongs to you
  • love has no limit
    and no one has right on it
    Because love is feeling
    and feelings can’t be stopped
  • I am single
    Because I have my attitude
    and I don’t want to change it
  • I don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings
    because I know how it feels
    And I know how tough to recover from it
  • I am a great lover
    because I can make love with anyone
    and I fell in love with anyone
    I am able to make this feeling with everyone
  • Listen I am not single
    because I just love my self
    And I know it’s better
    better than loving someone else
  • Don’t turn your love into hate
    because hate make you duff
    and in hate, you will do those things
    that you don’t want to do
  • Love is a feeling
    and there is no scale
    to measure love
    Stay loved and stay blessed
  • I lost my heart
    I don’t know where
    but if someone sees it
    Please tell me
    because I really need it back
  • Lover never fails
    because if your love fails
    then there is no love