Wise Quotes About Life Lessons

This is Fun that people come together and want to happy and enjoy, there are many options for you that you will enjoy your life. So wish on a great event is added more Happiness in it. So Come join us for more fun.

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Wise Quotes Sms

  • “Greed is course”
    So never become greedy.
  • “Honesty is the best policy”
    So try to be honest even if it causes you death.
  • “Unity is strength”
    Always try to be unite don’t fight.
  • “Think before you do”
    Always think before speaking or doing anything.
  • “Love is life”
    Love is very important to live a healthy life.
  • “There is a sound mind in sound body”
    A sound mind is only available in sound body so try to keep your body healthy.
  • “It’s no use to cry on split milk”
    Try to predict the result before doing anything because it is no use to cry After the Result.
  • “Tit for Tat”
    Always does such things which you can accept for yourself too.
  • “All that Glitters is not gold”
    It means that don’t look at anything which is shining from outside.
    Look the inner beauty of that thing person.
  • “Once a liar always a liar”
    If a person called a liar. Then nobody can trust on him so don’t be a liar.
    Remain always with truth you will succeed in your life.